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Elevate your loyalty strategy with access to 25+ specialized reports.

Measure the success of your loyalty program and dial in performance with instant access to pre-built reports.

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Sales attribution.
Report on the ROI of Smile over time as repeat purchases grow.
Engagement analytics.
View points, referral, and VIP engagement as customers embrace your program.
Key conversion rates.
Rates are how you monitor program health. View them over time to dial in your program performance.
Top customer lists.
Easily find your top earners, redeemers, referrers, and more. Export easily for marketing campaigns.
Points accounting.
Keep a pulse on unused points. Use points expiry to manage the growing balance of points effectively.
Data exports.
Export all your loyalty data and any report you need to dive deeper into your data.

Data at your fingertips

Optimize key metrics for a healthy loyalty program

Monitor the rates that create high performing loyalty programs and use them to plan your next move.

Redemption rate.
A healthy loyalty program has a constant flow of points being earned and redeemed each month.
Reward usage rate.
Track what percentage of discount codes issued by Smile are used on orders.
Order earning rate.
The best performing programs reward points on every order - even without a store account. Smile rewards all orders by default to maximize performance.
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Power email & SMS campaigns

Discover new customer marketing segments

Create targeted campaigns to keep customers engaged and coming back for more. Export or connect Klaviyo directly.

Top referring customers.
Find out which customers love referring their friends and just can't stop sharing your brand.
Customers who can redeem.
The first time customers redeem points is a magic moment. Remind these customers their points get them a discount on their next order.
Super savers.
Some customers really love their points, and save them up with joy. This is a great group to congratulate, and let them know they can redeem for big rewards.
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Points accounting

Financial loyalty reports your CFO will love

Unused points need to be managed just like unused gift cards. These reports help you manage points responsibly so you have peace of mind.

Outstanding points.
Understand the financial value of unused points and use features like points expiration to manage.
Discounts issued.
View reports on the value of discounts issued over time broken down by used and unused.
Total discounts used on orders.
Grow sales influenced by Smile, while maintaining healthy margins.
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Data analysis

Dive deeper into your data with all the exports you can imagine.

Explore, visualize, and analyze your data to your heart's content. Export any report you need to dive deeper into your data.

All orders with a Smile discount
Measure the impact Smile has on sales and cross reference with overall revenue.
All points transactions
Every time a points balance changes there's a record created. This is the firehose for points.
All points redemptions
Every time a customer redeems points a redemption record is created.
All referrals
Every time a referral is completed a record is created with each customer involved.
All customer data
Loyalty data like points balance, referral url, and VIP tier are available for export.
All discounts created
Discounts are created in many ways - points redemptions, referrals, and VIP rewards.
All VIP tier changes
Whenever a customer changes VIP tier a record is created.
All other reports
Export the results of any other Smile reports to analyze and share with the team.

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