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Turn loyal customers into brand advocates

Getting more repeat purchases isn’t the only benefit of using Smile for loyalty. Enjoy the added bonus of acquiring new customers efficiently when shoppers refer their friends to your brand.

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Referral rewards

Make sharing with friends a win-win.

Create a classic Give $10 Get $10 referral program, or shake it up by giving customers points when they share with friends.

Make sharing with friends another way to earn points for big rewards.
Offer discounts for the customer sharing and the friend when they make their first purchase.
Free shipping.
Make free shipping an incentive to share with friends.
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On-site content

Make referral rewards easy to access and easy to redeem

Keep referrals top of mind for shoppers—whether they’re on your site, or in their inbox. Promote referrals with Smile integrations like Klaviyo and Mailchimp, so you can embed unique referral links in every email you send.

Easy-to-share referral links.
Automatically create a unique referral link for every customer to share with their friends.
Post-purchase sharing reminders.
Encourage customers to share with friends in key moments like right after placing an order.
Sync to your email marketing tool.
Embed the unique sharing link for each customer in post-purchase emails or other marketing campaigns.
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Become an expert

The Ultimate Guide to Referral Program Strategy

Referral marketing excels at acquiring new customers and doubling as a powerful retention strategy. Encourage your top customers to attract new business with a referral program. Discover how to set appealing rewards, tailor referral messages, and promote your program effectively.

“Based on trust and personal relationships, referral programs empower brand advocates to showcase and promote your brand.”

Jonathan Roque – Loyalty Specialist
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Boost repeat sales.
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