Reward Programs Made for Shopify Plus is part of a select group of Shopify Plus featured technologies. We also are located just down the street from the Shopify Plus office. Being a featured technology gets you access to special pricing - just ask us how.
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Create a Rewards Program as Simple or Robust as You Like

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Encourage profitable actions that drive customer loyalty.
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Turn existing customers into powerful marketers.
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Give increasing rewards to your best customers.

We power the largest Shopify Plus Stores is trusted by some of the world's largest Shopify Plus stores with more joining every week!
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One Login for Your Store and Rewards hooks into existing Shopify Plus customer accounts to create a unified experience. No need for your customers to create two separate logins.

Auto Generate Rewards Through Shopify Plus APIs

Create rewards on demand with Shopify's APIs. Your customer's rewards are generated as they earn them with no additional work required from you.
Price Rules Api
Rewards are generated for your customers as they need them. Shopify's Price Rules API is extremly powerful and flexible.
Gift Card Api
Use this Shopify Plus API to create gift cards to your store as a reward. This is done automatically.
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Redeemable Points at Checkout

Use embeddable content on your checkout page to allow customers to redeem points for rewards while they are making a purchase.

Program Results

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Simple & Effortless Reward Programs

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Email Notifications
Use built in email notifications to communicate with your customers about their rewards.
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Reward Shopping and Social Behavior
Profitable actions revolve around shopping and social. Encourage profitable behavior with rewards.
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Customizable Display
Create a program that matches your store and brand with ease.
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Use Multiple Program Types
Build a rewards solution made up of different program types, such as VIP and referrals.

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