Reward programs
made for Shopify Plus

Smile for Shopify Plus is a total rewards solution that is flexible, elegant, and easy to manage by your non-technical team.
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Simple Setup
Some programs take weeks. You can have Smile up and running today!
Manage With Ease
Rewards are a marketing initiative. Make changes without a developer.
Connect Your Tools
Use Smile with other tools in your marketing stack using Smile integrations.
Points at Checkout

Let customers redeem rewards on the checkout page

Allow customers to spend points during their natural buying process with a points dropdown or slider. These embeddable elements are added directly to your Shopify Plus checkout page.
Shopify Flow

Reward points when customers meet criteria in Shopify Flow

Set a trigger event with Flow that is then rewarded in Smile. This gives you the ultimate control over how your customers earn points.
Examples Include:
  • Points when lifetime spend passes the average
  • Bonus points on the first order
  • Bonus points when a purchase is above $100
  • Bonus points for specific items
One Customer Login
Your customers use the same Shopify login to access their rewards.
Customizable Experience
Easily make changes to how your program looks and feels without any coding required.
Mobile First Design
More than 50% of your traffic is on mobile. Smile is built for that.
Shopify Plus Partner
We are a Shopify Plus Partner, which gets you access to preferred pricing on Smile.
Auto-Generated Codes
We use Shopify Plus APIs to create your rewards for you automatically.
Reward Expertise
Get access to account management and the web's largest wealth of rewards information.

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