Build customer loyalty and engagement with points

Loyalty is an emotion you need to earn. Rewarding your customers with points is the best way to establish and maintain lasting, emotional relationships with every member of your community.
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Loyal customers earning points and redeeming for rewards
Loyal customers earning points and redeeming for rewards

Use points to motivate action at every stage of your customer journey

3 stages of the community building cycle
Join stage of the community building cycle
Create excitement around your community by rewarding customers for creating an account and making purchases.
Engage stage of the community building cycle
Increase engagement with your community by rewarding points for actions like writing product reviews, social follows, and celebrating a birthday.
Share stage of the community building cycle
Encourage customers to share your community with referral and social rewards.

Build powerful switching barriers with points

With future rewards on the line, your customers will be less likely to shop with a competitor.
Happy customer with a points balance and switching barrier

Reward your customers for all types of valuable engagement

Rewarding for purchases is just one component of an effective program.
Points for account creation
Account creation
Points for social sharing
Social shares
Points for purchases
Points on a birthday
Points for social follows
Social follows
Any points interaction with API

Reward your customers in ways that make sense to them

Allow your customers to redeem their points for awesome rewards like:
Points percentage discount reward
Percentage discount
Points dollar discount reward
Dollar discount
Points free product reward
Free product
Points free shipping reward
Free shipping
Evys Tree testimonial for Smile reward program success
Evys Tree logo
The ability to reward our customers in a multitude of ways has made Smile a key component of our growth over the last few years.
Evys Tree testimonial for Smile reward program success
Samantha Donohue
IT Manager, Evy’s Tree

The features you need to build an engaged buying community

Alarm clock points expiring
Points expiry
Re-engage your dormant customers with our built-in reactivation emails.
Shining star custom point currency
Custom points names
Give your points a name like "stars" or "glam bucks" to create a truly unique brand experience.
Throttle point earning
Rate limiting
Decide how often your customers can earn points for any given action.
Hand receiving points
Earning conditions
Use conditions to customize your program and tailor earning rules to specific customer groups.
Points program strategy ebook
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The Definitive Guide to Points Strategy
Discover the tools and industry tips you need to build a program that gets your customers engaged with your brand for the long haul.

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