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Turn Your Customers Into Your Best Marketers

Reward your existing customers when they refer their friends and family to your store. It is a true win-win!
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Reward Both the Sender and the Receiver

A referral program is most effective when both the person sending and receiving are incentivized.

Multiple Ways to Reward Referrals

There is no single best way to reward a successful referral. That is why we give you multiple options to choose from!
Dollar Off Coupons
The go-to reward for most referral programs. This is usually the most motivating.
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Free Products
Use products as the motivator to get your existing customers to refer their friends.
Combine your referral program with a points program to use points as your motivation to refer.
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Only Reward Successful Referrals

Give rewards that are truly rewarding by limiting them to referrals that actually lead to a purchase.
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Happy Customers

"'s referral program is simple to get started and has dramatically cut down on the fake or fraudulent self-referrals that we've experienced with other systems."

Adam Callinan

Easy First Interactions for Your Customers

We make it easy for referred friends to claim and use their reward. The easier it is, the more effective it becomes!
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Land on Site
Referred friends are shown the offer as soon as they land on the site from a referral.
Enter Email
They enter their email.
Claim Reward
Once the email is entered they are presented with a reward they can use to shop.
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Referrals macbook

Referral Programs Made Effortless

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Mobile first UI
The average site sees more than 50% of its traffic from mobile. is designed to give an amazing mobile experience.
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Easy to Refer
Your customers can send their referral link via Facebook, Twitter, email, or by simply copying and pasting.
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Create a referral program that matches the rest of your site.
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A nudge message shows your referred visitors their offer automatically.

Create a Rewards Program as Simple or Robust as You Like

A referral program is just one program type that you can add as part of a bigger rewards program.
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Encourage profitable actions that drive customer loyalty.
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Turn existing customers into powerful marketers.
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Give increasing rewards to your best customers.

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