Shopify Case Study: Evy's Tree

Making fashion affordable and rewarding

As one of the most competitive industries in ecommerce, it takes a lot to stand out in the world of fashion. Luckily, a well-designed rewards program can help you do just that!

  • + 58% Repeat Customer Rate
  • 65% Redemption Rate
  • $1,032 Monthly Ad Spend Saved
  • 83x Return on Investment

In this Shopify case study, we take you behind the scenes to discover how Evy's Tree saw 83x their return on investment and significantly increased their repeat purchase rate with their Who's Hoo rewards program. With a cohesive loyalty brand and an outstanding customer experience, Evy's Tree is a brand that anyone can learn from, no matter what industry you're in.

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Shopify Case Study: Evy's Tree

"We constantly receive messages from our customer base thanking us for adding a rewards program. is a win-win for all!"

- Janelle Hyatt (Executive Director & Special Projects, evy's tree)