Shopify Case Study: inkbox

Building long-term loyalty with temporary tattoos

Want to know how quickly a rewards program can drive an impact for your brand? inkbox was able to significantly increase revenue, social sharing, and repeat purchases with the help of a rewards program in just one month, and have experienced incredible growth since!

  • +28% repeat purchase rate
  • +412% UGC organic reach YoY
  • 889K community members
  • $297K member revenue

Check out the results for yourself, and discover how a brand that encourages "temporary bad decisions" made a fantastic long-term decision with rewards.

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Shopify Case Study: inkbox

"In the first month after we launched our inkfam program, we saw an 80% increase in repeat purchases and issued over 3 million points to our 70K loyalty members."

- Tyler Handley (Co-Founder & CEO, inkbox)