Case Study: Unique Vintage

A unique take on customer loyalty

Whether you're new to "geek chic" fashion or not, Unique Vintage has been delivering a fantastic customer experience with the help of their Devoted Darlings loyalty program. Since launching their program, they've had unbelievable success that includes:

  • +58% customer lifetime value for program members
  • +48% orders from program members
  • +10% average order value for program members

With these huge wins (and more!), Unique Vintage's loyalty program is a fantastic place to draw inspiration on how to build your own powerful program that turns ordinary customers into extraordinary advocates.

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Case Study: Unique Vintage

"With Smile, it was as easy as logging in, setting up the program and emails the way we wanted, importing our existing customers, and making it live."

- Meghan Fitzgerald (Graphic Designer, Unique Vintage)